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The Education Gap In Charleston Is Wide And Growing

The Charleston Parent Leader Network (CPLN) is a group that was created with the goal of addressing inequities within our school district. We are parents, community leaders, advocates, and teachers working together to make sure all children receive an equitable education regardless of their race or socioeconomic status. 

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Parent Power

Parent Power is the hallmark of this group! We identify shared values, build relationships, and promote the development of positive educational culture. We aim to organize our powerful parent teams by creating a culture of high achievement and effectively supporting the Lowcountry and surrounding communities. Parent Power Changes Everything!

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Our vision is to see improvements in every student, classroom, school and school district through collective advancements. We accomplish this by setting goals, and the avenue to success is by reducing and eliminating the marginalization of parent power.

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Contact Information:
Program Organizer Contact Information
Dr. Jerez Mitchell
Phone: 843-259-2893


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