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Kaytlin Brown CAUL Intern 

Charleston Area Urban League needs you to rise to the challenge and help our under-served community. Your time, skills, resources, and expertise can make a real difference to those around you, just like Kaytlin has. Read more about this impressive young lady below.

Kaytlin Brown, CAUL Intern
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Image by Zach Vessels
Image by Wayne Lee-Sing

Kaytlin Brown, CAUL Intern, shares her thoughts about the Urban League

Background/ Interest 

I am a junior at the College of Charleston pursuing a Bachelor's of Science in Public Health and double minoring in Communication and Political Science, on the Pre-Law track. My interests lie within the intersections of interface communication and advocacy.


My goal is to utilize my experience in such a field to evoke change for minorities in the realms of public policy, public health, and business operations. 

What prompted this partnership? 
I sought out this partnership in hopes of furthering my experience within the nonprofit sector and learning directly from the change agents within the Urban League. In addition to this, I saw the opportunity for change at the College of Charleston and took on the challenge.


As a member of the Bonner Foundation, I attend weekly training and have to complete approximately 300 service hours each year with a local non-profit organization. None of the current organizations fully resonated with my interests and abilities.


I also recognized a lack of diversity in the options and began to conduct research. The unique programming in conjunction with public policy resonated with me the most.  

Why did you choose the Urban League? 

I like that the Urban League has a holistic approach with its initiatives and services that it offers the community as the well-being of the people is at the core of what we do.  I also appreciate the opportunity to further my knowledge on the issues that disproportionately affect minorities through in-depth research and analysis. We then apply this data to refine our program's initiatives to better support the Charleston Area community  


What do you like about your internship at the Urban League? 

I enjoy the critical thought and application involved in this role. I also enjoy the exposure to different people and opportunities that working here has brought me. I am honored to be given the opportunity to learn more about the social and economic issues the members of the community face in the effort of applying my knowledge to minimize such injustices.


I enjoy working at the Urban League because I am a member of a results-driven team. This team supports one another and shares a common goal of serving those in need. The CAUL staff tirelessly assumes the role of advocacy that addresses essential elements in the community such as promoting understanding and greater racial harmony. 

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