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Imagine a world where everyone was included and felt valued and accepted no matter what. How would the world be different? What challenges could we tackle and what new opportunities would we discover?

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Every year for 45 years, the National Urban League releases our anticipated signature publication, the State of Black America® report. The greatest minds from every industry ranging from economics to education come together to report on the current state of racial inequalities in America in an effort to inspire change.


Our 2021 report, The New Normal: Diverse, Inclusive, and Equitable was more critical than ever in reminding us how much work still needs to be done before equality can be reached. 

One of the most important issues we covered in this years’ report is the over-policing of Black communities and disturbing differences between the treatment of Black Americans versus white Americans.

Here’s a summary of what we uncovered:

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Among other explorations, the report also investigates the economic effects of unequal access to financial services for Black and white Americans and suggests how to reduce racial disparities in healthcare. Please make your gift today at this critical moment in American history and be part of the force that drives us forward toward real, everlasting change. 

Can we count on you? Please send your most generous gift today so that we can keep working toward a diverse, inclusive, and equitable America for all.