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Coronavirus Response Statement

A Word From Our President:

First, we’d like to THANK those who are on the front lines of this global pandemic. Our front lines are now extended beyond our first responders. Our front lines are now our local cashiers at grocery stores, pharmacies, convenience stores, and mom & pop carry-outs. Our lower-income minimum wage workers are now on the front lines to serve everyone.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to remind our communities that we continue to serve. To our partners, we are remaining steadfast in our movement’s role in advocacy, education, guidance, and support for the equality of quality services in our healthcare system.

We are joining across the country in demanding equal access to testing and treatment, regardless of race, age, income, or zip code. It is well established that Black and Latino workers are the most likely to be sidelined from their jobs as a result of this pandemic; therefore, we will continue to make calls, write letters, and advocate to safeguard American lower-income workers from racial bias.

We will continue our current services to provide virtual support to include free tax filing, rental assistance, housing, financial literacy and first-time homebuyer education. Please contact the Urban League at 843-769-8173 and leave a message or visit our website at CTUL.org to find out more information about COVID-19. 


The Urban League is not closed!!! 

We stand with you in prayer and will remain of service until we are able to resume normal activity.  


Otha Meadows
Charleston Urban League


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